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Extraordinary experience in clothing services

 Welcome to our official page. Ava Smart Fashion Limited is the premier provider of Fashion Design - sample, design development, tailoring & alteration services that caters to people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Whether you need a suit Alteration & repaired or your wedding dress altered or even if you wish to restyle your gowns, jackets, coats, and prom dresses, we can provide you with one and all. Services Galore Our best quality, affordable and unique Design, repair & alteration services are designed to meet your exact requirements. As alteration and tailoring experts, we understand that people don’t wish to settle for clothes that don’t fit well or those that do not look good on them. As Alteration and repair or restyling specialists, we focus on understanding client needs and providing a wide range of tailoring services including repair, alteration, restyling, shortening, adjust, hem work and patchwork and more... Our Studio Based in London, Ava Smart Fashion Limited is the brainchild of Rezai Moharrem, an ace fashion designer with training from Saint Martin's University. With over two decades of experience in the fashion industry, he established Ava Smart Fashion as a family owned company in 2013 with the aim to offer the highest quality in design, sampling, alteration, and repair of a wide range of clothes. Today, Ava Smart Fashion helps men and women in rediscovering fashion through repair & alteration services of the highest quality and standards. Having carved a unique niche for itself in the tailoring & fashion industry, the company now looks forward to offering some of our own designs and unique clothing in the near future. Why Us? At Ava Smart Fashion, we are committed to providing our clients with exquisitely stitched clothes that allow them to make a fashion statement of their own. As highly professional and experienced tailors, we believe in understanding our clients’ key concerns with regard to restyling their attires, thus enabling them to own marvelous garments that fit well and complement their overall personality. Here’s why we are the best in the business: · Our tailors have acquired advanced training in stitching, alteration & tailoring of all types of clothes. · In addition to a comprehensive range of tailoring services, we also offer samples to designers as well as fashion companies. · We take great pride in our work and are dedicated to providing 100% customer delight. · Our tailoring & alteration services are available for all types of clothes for both men and women. Ava Smart Fashion is here to make a difference in your clothes and sense of styling. Connect with us to take advantage of our tailoring services Now! Ava Smart fashion limited helped 18,720 men & women from early 2013 to March 2019.

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